Hi there. I'm Brandon.

I'm a photographer, writer, thinker and storyteller based in Atlanta, Georgia. I thrive on telling compelling visual stories with humans at their heart. And creating platforms and movements that empower people to do the same thing.

My street and portrait photography strives to capture honest candid moments where people are unaware of the camera and are more themselves than they could ever be if they tried. I shoot almost exclusively with my iPhone and my FujiFilm x100 because they allow me to get intimately close to my subject, but a camera is just a box and I will use whatever box I need to get the shot.

In addition to my photography, I am co-founder of #weloveatl, an arts organization that inspires and empowers people in the Atlanta area to come together and share their love of the city through photography and other visual art. I am also co-founder and executive producer of School Of Humans, a TV production company, and I have a long history of digital storytelling experience from many years in the agency business. I understand brands, and I know how to tell authentic stories that marry brand stories with compelling human stories -- and leverage communities to collaboratively tell them both.